Friday, April 13, 2007

Top Ten Rejected Imus Excuses

10. You know I’m supporting Obama over Hillary don’t you?
9. I'm really old and it just slipped out of me like a fart
8. I have courtside Knicks seats near Spike Lee
7. My limo driver is black, he knows I’m not a racist, I think?
6. Can’t you tell I’m really dead, no one breathing looks this bad?
5. I’ve never had one damned lynching at my New Mexico ranch, not one.
4. My favorite Cowboy hat is black
3. It was really that racist Michael Richards doing his Imus impression
2. If they accept my apology I will buy the whole team KFC for a year, even the white girl

And the number one rejected Imus excuse..
Some of my best friends are nappy headed hos

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