Monday, November 20, 2006

Kramer is Not Even as Wacky as Michael Richards

Michael Richards will appear on ‘The Late Show’ with David Letterman to apologize for going all Daniel Carver on some black hecklers at ‘The Laugh Factor’ in LA. I don’t know about you but I’m not sure Richards will reach the aggrieved party on the Letterman show. Dave and his audience are whiter than January in North Dakota. Al Roker, both of the Gumbel brothers, and Steve Urkel say all is forgiven Kramer!

If he really wants to make amends he should don a bullet proof vest and apologize on the ‘BET Hip Hop Awards’ . He should also wear a new pair of inline skates and a motorcycle helmet so as to try to avoid the inevitable beating:

Hi everyone my name is Michael Richards and what I said the other night was racist, hateful, and downright ludicrous. Now I would like to award the album of the year to Ludicrous….Peace I’m out”.

Then skate like a MOFO out of there.

When will the celebrity crowd catch up with the rest of us in corporate America and realize you never talk about race…period? Corporations routinely send its employees to diversity classes or sexual harassment classes. The classes are not intended as a means of discipline, but rather a means to prevent employees from crossing the acceptable boundaries of race and or sexual conversation or behavior.

Richards is a knucklehead and should have known better. But the bigger question is “Why the hell is this guy doing standup in the first place?” He is fifty-seven years old, stand-up comedy is for the struggling young guy trying to get on a sitcom, not the old rich guy who starred on one of the most successful sitcoms in history.

Did Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David bounce one of his residual checks?

Maybe his next gig can be an open mic night over at Mel Gibson’s Malibu Chuckle Hut.

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