Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hasta la vista, BABY

He’s back for another four years. Just a few short months ago many thought Arnold Schwarzenegger's role as the Governator was about left on the editing room floor. But, Arnold like many of his movie characters ain’t going out like that. Going into Election Day he held a sixteen point lead over his challenger; Phil Angelides and he will coast to an easy victory.

Champagne for the campaign. Quick somebody find Uncle Ted a ride home from the victory celebration.

This race wasn’t nearly as fun as his first time. Do you remember the cast of characters? Let me refresh your memory: Arianna Huffington, Gary Coleman, Larry Flynt, Porn star Mary Carey.

There was more mangled English during that Huffington – Schwarzenegger debate than during the whole Revolutionary War. I think I remember the LA Times asking Gary Coleman what separates him from the other candidates; he said he is the only candidate not tall enough to ride on Space Mountain at Disneyland. Gary Coleman needed a step stool just to stuff the ballot box.

Do you remember the great exchange between Gary Coleman and Larry Flynt? Gary bragged about how he personally responsible for years of ‘Different Strokes’, Flynt shot back “Hell, I’m responsible for years of solo strokes!” It was priceless stuff.

Who could forget Mary Carey and her insightful answers to such hard hitting questions like “What is your position on abortion?” Her careful response if I remember correctly was “Which time?”

Arnold trounced the other wannabes without too much trouble and then took down Grey Davis after that to become a foreign born Governor in a state where nearly everyone is foreign born… Only in America.

The first time around Arnold was a Conservative Republican in the mold of President Bush. This time around he has morphed into a Democrat. He is Al Gore on steroids. He’s passed legislation enacting strict standards for alternative energy, pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions. He supports gay marriage, stem-cell research, gun control, the minimum wage and health care.

He is the jolly green giant for Pete's sake. When he is asked about President Bush his responses make him sound more like ‘Borat’ than a Reagan Conservative. On ‘The Tonight Show’ he dropped the following knowledge on America “'To link me to George Bush is like linking me to an Oscar,', it’s ridiculous.” He also bailed from the capital when the President came to offer support. I guess he really is ‘The Running Man’.

What a difference a year makes. During his last brush with California voters is 2005 his four referenda questions were bitched slapped from San Diego to San Francisco. I just hope a grateful Arnie doesn't pull a Sally Field "You like me, you really like me!" and if he does I hope it's in closed captioning so we all can laugh at it.

No matter how he did it, you have to give him props. He is truly a politician in every sense of the word. He is up on the all the issues and both parties apparently like him.

He’s come along way in three short years. It seems like yesterday when the press asked what he thought about fetal stem cells, he said he hasn’t made up his mind, but if they could add size to his triceps he’d try them.

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