Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ashlee Simpson Nose Best

Ashlee Simpson went from black haired, punk/skater chick with big nose and no talent; to blonde haired hottie with little nose and no talent. She is still un-listenable but much easier on the eyes.

Barbra Streisand once said she would never get a nose job because she thought it might have a negative effect on her vocal performance. Maybe this is why Ashlee decided to have her nose job? She has nothing to lose. Here is my depiction of Simon Cowell after suffering through Ashlee singing as a contestant on ‘American Idol’:

“Paula and Randy I hold in my hand two ice picks. I want you to each take one and ram it as hard as bloody possible in into each of my ears!” “And just in case by some miracle I can still hear, Seacrest I want you kick me as hard as possible in the undercarriage and inflict pain so searing I will forget what I just heard!!”

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