Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No Kidding? It’s been a year already!

It been a year since Jacko got acquitted of child molestation. I sure as hell hope he didn’t try to celebrate this miscarriage of justice anniversary at the Bahrain Chuck-E-Cheese.

Top Ten Reasons I Think Wacko-Jacko was Guilty

10. After acquittal he volunteered for community service - 500 hours at a day care center.
9. His favorite NBA player: Jason Kidd
8. Banned from all telethons: Jerry’s kids filed a restraining order
7. His favorite pick-up line “Can I buy you a Jesus Juice Box?”
6. Wanted to sing duet with The Who’s Pete Townshend “The Kids are Alright.”
5. During sleep-over claims he was just “Disciplining his chimp; Bubbles”, but the kids say he was really spanking the monkey
4. Rewrote lyrics for hit Billie Jean: "Billie Jean is not my lover, but her son Billy is"
3. Legal disclaimer cited for divorce from Lisa-Marie Pressley “She’s not a 12-year old boy.”
2. He’s not only fascinated with the Elephant Man, but also thinks his grandsons are hot

And the number one reason I think Wacko-Jacko was guilty…

Admitted to inappropriate contact with his inner child.

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