Saturday, August 20, 2005

Under qualified

I was talking to a guy the other day he said “I just lost his job to the automation of the aggregated monetary financial collection system." I said “Oh you were a stock broker on Wall St.” He said stock broker? “No,I was a toll-taker, I lost my job to EZ-Pass”

I was crossing the bridge the other day and at the gate it says “Please wait until gate lifts before proceeding” Huh “What choice do I have” “Let me push the pogo button right next to the cruise control, and I can have the car jump its way over the gate.

The other day I applied for a job in the paint department at Home Depot and I got turned down because I didn’t have a MS in Chemical Engineering

I tried to get a job in the produce department at Acme they asked me if I have farming experience.

I guess there is always Walmart

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