Friday, August 19, 2005

Shore House

My family would rent a shore house every year in New Jersey and it only had an outside shower on the first floor right next to where the owner lives. The owner was an old Russian guy named Igor. Whenever any of the women from the house would be in the shower, Igor would happen to be outside watering the lawn or picking tomatoes from his garden, and he would always try to sneak a peek in the shower.

Woman: “why are you looking through that peep hole?”
Igor: “Peephole (laughing) This no peephole, just checking for carpenter ants”

Woman: “Why do you have that camera aimed at the hole”
Igor: ‘Did you ever hear of insurance claim??”

Then I was in the shower one day and I feel a tap on my back, its Igor…

Me: “What the hell are you doing in here”
Igor: “I thought you needed soap, it’s Irish Spriiing”
Me: “No man, I’m good”
Igor: “Shampoo”
Me: “No”
Igor: “Dry towel”
Me: “Get the hell out of here now”

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