Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Professional Statements Taken out of Context

Dentist- “She has the whitest teeth I’ve ever come across”

Taxi Driver- “I can fit three in my back seat comfortably”

Lawyer- “I’d like to debrief all of you before the trial”

College Professor- “Who would like to practice their oral presentation with me?”

Carpenter- “The next time you see me I promise I’ll have wood”

Jeweler- “I’m holding both of your stones in my hand right now”

Chef- “It isn’t done until I top it off with my special sauce”

Woman selling shoes- “Open the box, and then grab this pair, if the fit is snug wiggle the tongue a little”

Hairdresser- “If I apply enough gel I can get it to stand straight up”

Cashier at Candy Store- “Would you like me to pack your fudge first?”

Chiropractor- “The best way to cure a back spasm is to rub one out”

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