Friday, June 15, 2007

The Plastic Surgery Scale

SCALE 0-10:
0- Nothing done, that face is all natural every wrinkle tells a story
1- A smidgen of Botox
2- A little Botox a little Collagen
3- A little more Botox a little more Collagen, a slight nip
4- Too much botox, too much Collagen, a big nip and tuck
5- Facial skin start to resemble an over inflated balloon
6- Unable to feign surprise, disappointment, excitement or any other facial expression
7- You appear to be a ventriloquist because your lips don’t move when you speak
8- Like a drunk at the bar cut-off by the bartender, your surgeon no longer returns your calls
9- Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers think you’ve gone way too far
10-During a visit to London Madame Tussauds kidnaps YOU for their new featured showpiece

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