Monday, February 05, 2007

Second Thoughts on Super Bowl XLI

How do we really know if Marlee Matlin didn’t screw up the National Anthem? I would ask a deaf football fan but they can’t hear me and I can’t sign.

My favorite commercial-- Bud Lite English as a second language

Clay Aiken’s favorite commercial—Snickers boys in the garage

Prince looked like Aunt Jemima’s sexually confused grandson

CBS was so impressed by Prince’s half-time performance; they offered him a cameo on ‘Two and a Half Men’ he’ll play the half man.

Does Lovie Smith have a wife named Thurston?

The chick has a butter face

Peyton Manning always looks constipated no matter what the score.

David Spade looked as confused in the stands as Rex Grossman looked on the field

K-Fed is Vanilla Ice, if Vanilla Ice had no talent at all

I want to see the un-rated Directors cut of the Letterman-Oprah commercial

Now that he is out of the closet will CBS produce a spin-off with Neil Patrick Harris called “How I Met Your Brother”?

Despite the eighty-nine combined promos I’ll still never watch ‘Survivor’ or ‘The Amazing Race’

What was Katie Couric up to in the CBS trailer and with whom to get her hair so mussed up?


Bud said...

i happened to read your comment on about the superbowl ad.

I think it's absolutely sad on your part to be so closed minded.

Perhaps you and the rest of your Christian Right should try some of the snicker bar, who knows what may happen behind closed doors :o)

Being gay is not sick, or an illness. Learn your facts before you have an opinion. I think football is for homosexual homophobes. How about that?


Will Teullive said...

Did I say write anything homosexuality as a sickness?

I don't remember that one...