Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Second, Third, and Fourth Thoughts

Why is the bag of peanut M&Ms in the vending machine the same price as the plain? Are they just giving away free peanuts?

They have hate crimes. Is there a name for crime you commit on someone you just kind of dislike?

Will the show ‘LOST’ ever release lost episodes? If so what will they be called so you don’t think they are really just some extra episodes that weren’t misplaced after all?

Is it considered safe sex if two bank employees sneak off to the vault to screw without a condom?

Why did they have a standing ovation for Stevie Wonder at this years Grammy’s? They should have just cheered extra loud that way he could appreciate the tribute too.

I like porn as much as the next guy, if that next guy happens to be Ron Jeremy

You can be in the medical or legal field, or you can be in the political arena. Do we hate lawyers and doctors more than politicians so they must be kept outside?

If your yearly physical reveals nothing remarkable is it right to ask the doctor for your medical records?

Why are model airplanes more expensive than the same size plane already assembled? If anything we should get a rebate for all our hard work.

If a graffiti artist defaces a screen in a movie theater, could he be considered a screen writer?

When you tell a joke and a person says “that’s funny” instead of laughing, they really should just say; “that’s not funny”

Do you think the person who first coined the named “Princess Di” was a psychic?

The cyclist on the narrow road is in less danger than the person hit head on by the driver who over exaggerates the avoidance of the cyclist by veering into the other lane

Is it possible to have sex with a woman during her period with no strings attached?

How do our dogs know exactly which neighbor will be the most pissed off before he decides where to shit?

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Willy B. Good said...

funny stuff Will and the reason dogs know is cause the cats tell them so.