Thursday, May 25, 2006

So Many Idle Americans Who Didn’t Get Lost

Nearly 34 million viewers caught the two-hour show finale of ‘American Idol’. ‘Lost’ enjoyed a healthy 17.5 million viewers for its two-hour finale.

I myself on the other hand was one of 10 viewers who caught Dr. Phil’s primetime special. The other 9 included Dr. Phil, Oprah, and 7 members of the McGraw family.

Thank God for TiVo…

I think Simon has officially become the least annoying person associated with the show.

Clay Aiken and Michael Sandecki? Hey Clay.. Simon LeBon called he wants his look back. Michael was so overcome with emotion at the site of Clay coming up from behind he nearly had a stroke… but couldn’t reach.

Why was Hasslehoff crying? Were the Marshals from L.A. County in the Kodak Theater with a warrant or something? I’ve heard his music I should be the one in tears.

For years Prince wouldn’t leave Paisley Park, now we can’t get rid of him. Is QVC the next stop? When the biggest hit off your new album is in Spanish.. it’s over half-pint. Take all your hot poontang and fly back to your purple house.

Taylor Hicks.. You are a talented guy and good luck to ya’. One question though. How did you manage to look older than Keith Richards when you are only 29? Keith has years of self abuse to blame. After 10 years of pop fame can we expect Taylor to resemble Andy Rooney?

Chris Daughtry performed with Ed Kowalczyk the lead singer of the band "Live," That was cool. For an encore, I wish they would have put their heads together and made an ass of themselves.

Dionne Warwick performed with Burt Bacharach for a medley of "Walk On By" and "That's What Friends Are For". Walk on by is what the plastic surgeon should have done before Dionne’s last bit of work. Joan Rivers probably laughs at her but we wouldn’t be able to tell.

I think I liked this show better when it was called ‘Star Search’.


Dreamlover said...

haha, but u still watched it though and you now you loved it!!!

will said...

Yeah, you're right. I dig it.