Thursday, June 03, 2010

An Inconvenient Marriage

Tipper: Al, I think we need to live in different environments

Al: Tipper I’ve been saying that for years! Global warming is killing our environment

Tipper: Not that environment! I want a divorce! Do you hear me?

Al: Is this because of the BP oil leak in the Gulf?

Tipper: What oil spill?

Al: Have I taught you nothing after all these years?

Tipper: Oh that’s right I forgot you have first hand experience with premature gushers!

Al: Tipper let’s not do this now, not here.

Tipper: Argh! Story of our marriage!

Al: I want you to really think about it while I am away. We can save the planet and our marriage! Ok I am off to Greenland to lecture on the melting polar ice caps. They will pay me $50k for an hour long talk.

Tipper: You want those fucking ice caps to stop melting do you?? Move them into our fucking bedroom!! It’s the MOST FRIGID PLACE ON EARTH!!!

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