Thursday, October 25, 2007

Marriage is...

a HAPPY, PARTNERSHIP, between two LOVING people lasting a LIFETIME….

Hell on earth
Another person you now hate
Promiscuity days missed
Punishment like no other
You wishing you never met her

Please make her stop bitching
Always on the rag
Run don’t walk if you have a chance
Twice the weight she was then
Never make the mistake of asking for sex
Expect everything to be your fault
Regret buying that ring
Single people are so smart
Hurts your pride every chance she gets
Insults directed toward you hourly
Puts herself before everyone else

Lost your money paying her credit cards
Other women can’t be this annoying
Vagina is permanently off limits
In the right light she doesn’t look so fat
Nothing you say is right
Gives great head…ache

Liquored up most days
Inactive sexually
First in line at the buffet table
Expect misery until the divorce
Totally out of her mind
Idiot, what were you thinking?
Mother-in-law thinks you are the problem
Excited seeing her leave the house

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