Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moldey Bagel

I'm at the local coffee house the other morning, I get my regular, medium regular with cream and sugar and a sesame-seed bagel. I look down and notice the bagel’s got blue spots on it.

I’m thinking to myself I didn’t order the blueberry what the hell is this, it turns out to be mold.

So, I say to the heavily pierced and inked kid behind the counter, "Hey this bagels’ got mold all over it!!" He says “That's just nasty, dude can you check and see how many other bagels got mold on them?”

I think when exactly did I get hired by the FDA, I missed the email on that one. “After I’m done the bagel inspection, "You need anything else?" "Maybe I can whip up a pot of decaf or sweep the floor while I at it”. The kid’s like “Seriously, you think you can open for me tomorrow? I got a Disturbed concert tonight and there is a better than excellent chance I will be wasted tonight and in nooo mood to be here early tomorrow”

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