Friday, January 06, 2006

This Guy is a Real Scream

A stunned Philadelphia sports media is subjected to information overload and shear comic brilliance after realizing Andy Reid’s happy demeanor from those LA Weight Loss ads is now a permanent part of his personality.

Comments heard from the reporters exiting the media room included the following:

“I don’t like this new Andy he has too much to say, I’ll never meet my deadline with all these great quotes.”

When he said “I ain’t taking the blame for this season, those guys really just stink” I couldn’t believe it!!”

Andy killed when he said “Ed McMahon would have a higher QB rating than this other kid”, I almost wet myself.

When he tried on Joe Banner’s suit coat and started singing “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” like the late great Chris Farley in ‘Tommy Boy’ that was really awesome!!

“I laughed, I cried, he took us on an emotional roller coaster ride we will never forget”

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